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Whisky Wick's 12 oz 100 % Soy Wax Candle Vs Yankee Candle's 22 oz "Premium" Paraffin



Whisky Wick Candle Co.'s 12 oz. 100% soy candle vs. Yankee Candle's 22 oz "premium" paraffin candle

These two candles have both been burned for just over 68 hours each.  The candles have not been altered in any way.  Notice the clean jar of the Whisky Wick on the left against the black soot covered jar on the right.  Is there really a choice?


Anytime you want to compare two items.  You should always follow the old adage - make sure you are comparing apples to apples.  The comparison of paraffin wax or even a "soy blend' wax to 100% soy wax is anything except apples to apples.  So we will call our comparison apples to oranges.  Let's take a look at some of the big differences.  However in order to compare we have to know the pros for the consumer is different than the pros for the manufacturer.  Same with the cons.  First why all of the major candle companies besides whisky wick choose paraffin over soy.

Paraffin Pros

  1. Easy to work with
  2. Quick to produce
  3. Requires no finishing once poured.
  4. Higher melt and pour temperature making shipping and manufacture easier
  5. Doesn't last as long as soy
  6. Recognized as an industry standard.

Soy Cons

  1. Longer time to manufacture.
  2. Much harder to produce especially with automation.
  3. For a great looking product has to be finished by hand.
  4. Lower melt temperature 
  5. Lasts nearly twice as long ounce for ounce.
  6. Small hobby makers often produce poor looking products leading consumers to believe it is an inferior candle.

     All of the paraffin pros favor manufacturing and not you the consumer.  The cons have nothing to do with using soy in your home.  Soy wax candles before Whisky Wick was a "cottage industry".  Several people or small companies produced Soy candles for a small group of consumers marketing them as a "safer and cleaner" alternative.  Traveling across the country more often than not these soy wax candles will be made poorly.  Off center wicks, severe frosting, and crudely finished.  This reason along with none of the major companies at the time produced 100% soy left consumers believing soy was an inferior candle choice.  That is until we came along.

      The pros of paraffin vs the cons of soy to manufacture is why we were initially told to not use 100% soy.  We agree with all of the reasons why to use paraffin as a candle maker.  However we were determined.  Our reasons for determination let's look at the cons of paraffin vs the pros of soy.  All of these reasons benefit the consumer.  @ Whisky Wick we not only craft candles we all use them daily in our homes, our offices, and even carry the tins on the road with us for our hotel rooms.

Paraffin Cons

  1. Paraffin is a petroleum byproduct. That produces black soot when burned
  2. It is a non renewable resource.
  3. Paraffin releases 11 known toxins into the air when burned.  2 of those toxins are carcinogens.
  4. Paraffin burns at twice the rate of soy.

Soy Pros

  1. Soy wax is produced from soybeans.  Our wax all comes from American soy bean farms.
  2. It is a renewable resource,  and by using soy wax we are helping the economy of the United States and American farmers
  3. Soy wax burns 90% cleaner than paraffin and does not release toxins or produce black soot when burned to discolor your jars or the walls in your home.
  4. A soy wax candle will last twice as long as paraffin.  Giving you twice the value for each candle.


      As you can see the benefits of soy and the cons of paraffin all favor the consumer.  Choose what is best for you and your family not a manufacture.  Soy wax on a molecular level is denser requiring more time to burn or use it up.  What about scent throw?  Paraffin holds a slight edge but only because it burns thru quicker.  At Whisky Wick we will put our candles up against any of our large candle competitors.  Before you even remove the lid you can smell the fragrance.  Some companies call putting more fragrance triple scented candles.  At Whisky Wick we just call it the correct way.  Our candles have amazing scent throw.

      A large well known competitor sales a 14.5 oz jar candle that retails for $26.50.  They advertise burn times of 65-75 hours.   They also sale a 22 oz jar candle that retails for $29.50. This 22 oz candle is advertised as 110 hours of burn time.  Forget the 14 oz. candle size for $3 more dollars the 22 is the only one that makes sense.   Our 12 oz. jar candle for $18 offers the same 110 hours of burn time.  With our candle you get the same burn time for nearly $12 less.  However the difference is larger still.  For there candle not only do you pay $11.50 more for the same burn time.  That $29.50 candle will cost you $5.99 for 10 day economy shipping.  Now for the same 110 hours of great smelling burn time you will pay $35.49 to get the same amount of burning time.  With our premium soy wax candle you can get 220 hours of burning time for the same price.  Our candles always ship free with 1-3 day shipping.  Don't take our word for it try the Whisky Wick difference for yourself.