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About Us @ Whisky Wick

About Us

     We are located at

117 Brookfield Lane

Kingsport, TN 37663



     Whisky Wick Candle Co. was truly born out of love.  The birth of a grandchild brought us from Miami Beach to the beautiful mountains of Southwest Virginia.  It was once said. "Grandchildren give us a second chance to do things better because they bring out the best in us."  At Whisky Wick we always bring out our best for you.

     The word Whisky is most commonly spelled with an e between they K and the Y.  Many things change with time, but not always for the better.  Here at Whisky Wick Candle Co. we believe many of the old ways are far superior, and we keep the tradition alive with the old spelling.  It however does not stop there.  Unlike our competitors who manufacture candles in large batches, on an assembly lines with machines doing the bulk of the work.  

     At Whisky Wick we formulate our recipes, and then test them in our own homes.  Once the recipes are perfected.  We hand pour each candle in small batches enabling us to achieve the highest quality and consistency.  Once poured we don't stop there.  We finish each and every one to ensure proper and uniform curing.  These extra steps enable us to offer you a great looking, wonderful smelling, long lasting, and safe product.  

     When we began our candle making journey we were initially advised to not use soy wax.  We were told it is difficult to work with.  "Paraffin is much easier, and quicker to produce candles." we were told.  After seeing many soy wax candles available for sale that looked very crude.  We began testing with a paraffin blend as it seemed the logical choice.  It would be impossible for us to offer a candle for sale with such an unfinished and rough look.  After initial testing and unhappy with the black soot all over the jars.  Whisky Wick crafted their first batch of soy candles.  When the first batch had been poured we saw why we were steered away from this material.  First it takes longer to produce because of waiting times in the process.  Second after the pour the finish is anything less than stellar.  The tops are very rough and crude just as the candles we had observed before.  We were however determined.  

     We learned a few tricks along the way.  Although it adds to our production time.  We are still able to make a wonderful looking finished product.   All of this we do for the benefit of you our customers.  We use and continue to use 100% soy wax making our candles.  Before I never took soy wax seriously as it was only offered by small hobbyist candle makers.  None of our competitors at Whisky Wick use soy wax.  It takes longer to produce, the profit margins are not as high, and the life of a soy candle is much longer than a similar sized paraffin candle.  If you are interested in knowing more about soy wax and its benefits read more here. Whisky Wick may be the new brand on the block, but we ain't going anywhere.  Whisky Wick will become your favorite.